About Us

Omkar Overseas Limited was incorporated on 25th November, 1994 as Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956.

The company was formed for the purpose of Export and Import of various commodities especially for fabrics and made ups. It had taken over all assets & Liabilities of Omkar Exports, a partnership firm (a government recognized export house), aa running concern in 1995.

The company was performing perfectly well till 2010, until the recession hit overall economy in the country and outside.

Since then the business of the company had been negligible and the management of the company is struggling to stabilize the business.

The management has recently gone for the alteration of object clause so as to include activities relating to manufacturing of oil from groundnut, linseed, cotton seeds, rapeseeds, castor seeds, mustard seeds and other oil seeds, rice bran and other oil cakes, oil extraction by crushing by chemicals or any other processed cake and oil manufacturers, oil refiners, manufacturers of hydrogenated oil and all allied products.

Also, the company is now engaged in the business to act as consultant, advisor, representative, advocate, signatories, attorneys, agent, serviceman, middleman, arbitrator, conciliator, auctioneer, liquidator, secretary and solicitor in all its branches such as legal, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, production, engineering, personnel, marketing, advertising, publicity, sales promotion, public welfare, corporate management, statistics, business management, company law, taxation, investment, portfolio management, research and development, software developments, computer supplications, quality control, technical know-how, merchant banking, underwriting, secretarial services, financial management, construction, transport and on other similar subjects and to make evaluations, feasibility studies, techno economic feasibility studies, project reports.

The company is operating at its registered office situated at Ahmedabad.